Laundry Dryer Exhaust Cleaning

dyer exhaust cleaning pic
Coastal Enviro-Solutions provides preventative maintenance programs that are tailored to meet your facilities requirements and comply with state and local agencies. We clean and remove build-up lint from both commercial and residential dryers. If the exhaust ducts on your dryer(s) are not cleaned on a regular basis it could be a potential fire hazard.

Most states throughout the US require a professional company such Coastal Enviro-Solutions to clean both, the inside of a dryer and dryer exhaust ductwork on a regular basis.

Dryer Lint build-up found inside a dryer ducts as shown in the photo below restricts air flow. As a result of this your dryers run less efficient. This costs industries such as health care facilities, hospitals, hotels, dry cleaners, linen companies, laundry mats and other businesses that use commercial dryers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.
dryer duct exhaust cleaning illustration

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