Access Door Installation

Features and Advantages:

  • Tested to 20" WG positive pressure, withstood 10" negative pressure with no leakage noted
  • Effortless opening and closing
  • Conical springs and plastic hand knobs make operation easy.
  • Air tight seal due to the design and neoprene gasket
  • Reduced friction because of the inside surface of the door is smooth

Technical Services:Access Doors are approved for grease ducts with Hi-Temperature Applications

round access doorhigh temperature access door


  • Hi-Temperature Fiberglass Rope (1000 F. max) or Ceramic Fiber Gasket (2300 F. max - meets NFPA 96 standards) is permanently bonded to front (top) plate of access door to eliminate leakage
  • Conical Springs are installed over the bolts, between the inner and outer door to facilitate opening
  • Hi-Temperature Access Door application approval resides with authority having jurisdiction.

NFPA Approved Access Doors

Our professional service team evaluates each job to ensure that it complies with NFPA Standard 96. In hood exhaust systems that have longer vertical or horizontal ductwork, NFPA 96 Chapter 7 requires access panels to be installed every 12 feet to allow effective cleaning.  Areas that need access doors are document and brought to the customers attention for approval. Access door installation is available through our technical service team. This eliminates the high cost of mechanical and sheet metal contractors.

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