Hood Exhaust Cleaning

Every one of Coastal Enviro-Solutions Inc.’s hood exhaust cleaning jobs are personally guaranteed by our certified service professionals and we ensure complete customer satisfaction on every kitchen exhaust cleaning service. Our hood cleaning services are in compliance with state and federal agencies and our experts are .Coastal Enviro-Solutions Inc. provides quality control follow-up through photographic log documentation of hood exhaust cleanings, facility reports, site inspections, replacement of belts, fan service, repairs, customized service programs, continuous technical support, on-going trust and a history of long and successful relationship with our customers. We take pride in knowing that your kitchen exhaust is clean and up to standards.

Safety and legal compliance are two vital reasons to maintain a clean kitchen exhaust. Trust in the safety of your kitchen by regularly maintaining and performing hood cleanings. Kitchen exhaust cleaning is a service we specialize in and take very seriously. We have many satisfied clients that will attest to our attention to detail and professionalism.

Certified, insured professionals aren’t just a bonus, they’re legally necessary for any hood cleaning service. If you’re kitchen hood is not up to code, the fire department will order a cease and desist. This is entirely preventable with regular kitchen exhaust cleaning. Coastal Enviro-Solutions Inc. meets every single regulation and law that are in within the guidelines for the City of Boston. You may read more about required certification and regulations here: Required Certifications & Regulations

Hood Exhaust Clean Stickers

Once your kitchen exhaust has been professionally cleaned by our team and the kitchen hood cleaning is complete, our crew will place a hood exhaust sticker on your kitchen hood. This enables your local authority, as well as insurance adjusters, to check for compliance with local fire codes. Keep up to date with regular hood cleanings for peace of mind and legal compliance.

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